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Reach your Peak by implementing the pillas of CrossFit Methodology which focuses on FUNCTIONAL moements that condition you to achieve your goals while seeing an increase in efficiency within everyday movements.



About CrossFit Group Sessions:

  • Leg by Certified CrossFit Coaches​

  • Planned in advance as part of a larger program

  • Results are tracked through PushPress so that you can easily track and see your results

  • You are guaranteed to have fun, make friends, and get fit and healthy!

  • New and exciting workouts EVERY session 

  • Each class only takes 60 minutes from warmup to cool down!

Personal Training

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • One-on-One coaching

  • Customized to your fitness level and goals

  • Extra accountability - you WILL follow through 

  • Develop a fitness plan that focuses on YOUR personal goals

  • Very flexible

  • Takes no more than 60 minutes per session


Sports Training

Why Sports Training is right for your team:

  • Workouts designed specifically to sport optimization

  • Trainings dedicated to strength/conditioning/skill 

  • Gain a competitive edge against the competition

  • Injury prevention 

  • Team bonding 

  • Individual or Team Trainings

  • Get the whole gym to yourself (Teams only)

Spartan DEKA

  • Functional Fitness Training

  • 10 Deka Functional Fitness Zones for events 

  • 3 Different events:

    • Deka Strong ​

    • Deka Mile 

    • Deka Fit

    • Learn more here - 


Are You Ready for Your Free Class?

This is a great way to test out any of the programs that you are interested in. Take the leap and find your true potential.

Learn More About CrossFit

CrossFit Methodology

  • Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity 

  • Enables you to complete everyday activities with ease and efficiency for the longer 

  • Learn more here - 


Want to Reach Your Goals?

Sign up now for your free class and to talk to one of our certified CrossFit coaches to understand the benefits CrossFit can bring to your life!

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